Pixelated Planets are a group of friends who agreed that the current way of reviewing games was somewhat flawed and wanted to try their hand at changing how we rate games, making it better for the reader to understand exactly who is reviewing their games and giving them completely honest reviews, not shying away from admitting what they do and don’t like.
The team is currently compromised of Bondegg, Spamrod, CaptainKitchen, Lobb & Subswizzle
You can find all our basic information, alongside a bit about each of us, what types of games we like and what we look for in a good game below, our hope is this information combined with our guarantee that all scores will be aggregated between at least 5 members of the team will provide you with a solid basis for how good a game is, what does it matter if Lobb rated a game low that he was never going to be in to? What if despite saying he doesn’t like card games, Spamrod rated the new one unusually high?

It’s our hope that this kind of information will grant you a much better understanding of who is reviewing your game and help you make a much better informed decision.


To begin with we will primarily be focussing on “The Big Games” and by this we mean games that are new out that have a lot of hype around them, think your Assassins Creeds or your Call of Duty. The reason behind this isn’t because we necessarily like these the most, but they’re the games that we think will get us the most traffic honestly.
In-between these “Big Game” reviews we will try and do anything one or more of us are currently having fun on, these could be new indie games, old games that were, or are still huge or obscure games that no one has probably played for years, it’s our hope that this approach will both help us start creating a bigger catalogue of reviews and also give us a testing platform for the review structure.

Contact Us

While we setup we have limited contact options, for the meantime please email 07bondh@gmail.com